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Election fever sweeps St Joseph’s College

St Josephs College went to polls to elect members to the Student Council on Friday. There was a whopping voter turnout of 90% in Post Graduation (PG) and 97% in Under Graduation (UG). Polling began at 10 a.m. and concluded at 3:30 p.m.

Rajaram Muthalik Desai, III EPS, won the coveted President’s post while Sneha Gogia, II EPS, was elected as Vice- President. Joshua Fernandes, III EPS, was elected as General Secretary and Romel Kushalappa, II MSc Botany, was elected as Joint Secretary while Libin Chacko Samuel, III MEC, was elected as Treasurer.

Lt E.M Nagarajan, Governor of the Student Council said, “In this election we see new faces, it is good in a way as most of them have the potential to be good leaders. Earlier the members to the Council were chosen by the staff but this year students are electing their representatives, which is a good trend.”

Students were excited while going into the polling booths to cast their ballot. Diabate Moussa, a student from II MSc, said, “This is the first time I am voting in a student election and the voting process is being held very systematically.” Another student, Letso Mekro, from II MA PS, said, “This is a good training to create awareness about elections at the grass root level”.

Prof. Madappa of the Department of Biotechnology, said, “There were more number of contestants this year but it was sad to see no students from North East contest for any of the posts.”






‘The Open Dosa’ served in the campus

The Open Dosa, the new lab journal of the students of II English, Journalism and Psychology (EJP) of St Joseph’s College was launched on Friday.

The lab journal is a weekly that has six pages. It is a combination of the two previous lab journals Catalyst and The Beat. Each page of the journalis dedicated to different areas like technology news, food, art, culture and so on. It also features stories from teachers and students from other departments.

Professor Arul Mani of the English Department, the coordinator of this initiative, said that the journal is a complete effort of the students. When asked about the title The Open Dosa, Professor Arul said that the students wanted to keep a simple name and hence they kept The Open Dosa.



Anti-torture rally held in support of victims

St Josephs College in collaboration with the South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM) and Indian Social Institute (ISI) organised a solidarity walk and candle light vigil on June 26. The rally was in honor of the ‘International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture’.

The event was flagged off from the NSS office in the college and concluded at the steps of the Town Hall, where the candle light vigil was held. Speaking at the event, Mr Selwyn Paul, NSS program officer and lecturer of the Computer Science Department said, “The rally saw around 250 participants which had students, representatives of movements and members from various organisations.”

In addition to the march, a dance and a play were performed by the NSS members. A collage making completion was also held for the students of the college to raise awareness about torture.



UG candidates present manifestos before Student Council Elections


A contestant presenting her manifesto (Photo Credits: Suzana)

Candidates standing for the Student Council elections held their campaigns in the quadrangle on Thursday. Each of the candidates gave a speech explaining their respective manifestos. The candidates promised to work towards the improvement of food in the canteen, an increase in cultural activities, social awareness programmes, and college fests and also assured students to improve the effectiveness of the placement cell. These campaigns are a prelude to the elections that will be witnessed in the College on Friday.

There are five candidates contesting for the position of President. Other posititons are that of the Vice-President, Treasurer and Joint Secretary. 17 Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are being placed in the campus with three installations in the Science block, one in the Post Graduation block, and another one in the Humanities block.  Much like our parliamentary practices, these elections also have a one-third reservation for female candidates.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is providing a helping hand for the smooth running of the elections.


–       Nikhil Subba
II MS Comm

College implements concrete solution against ragging

nikhil car

Picture Credits: Nikhil Subba

Ragging is a serious problem in educational institutions. Bullying a student to do things which might destroy their self-esteem has even lead to students taking their own lives. Ragging is a recognised threat to the all-round welfare of students.

St Joseph’s College has acknowledged ragging as a problem and has therefore set up a special Anti-Ragging Committee this year.

The Anti-Ragging Committee consists of six members with Dr George Alexander as the Co-ordinator of the committee. Most students are unaware of the committee, but with its official implementation, students will be made known of its existence.

St Josephs College has been intolerant towards the bullying of any student. “There have been no complains of ragging till date. The college creates a family environment and bullying does not exist in the campus. The committee is a preventive step”, said Dr George Alexander.

As per the guidelines given by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an Anti-ragging committee is a mandatory requirement in every institution.

– Raisa
II Mscom