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New placement officer appointed

CAMPUS:  Mr. Steven Mathew, a Josephite, has been appointed the new Placement Officer, St Josephs College.

Mr Mathew trains the students in their job placements with sessions such as mock interview and aptitude tests. Many students also seek his advice for improving their confidence level, dressing sense, body language, eye contact, and communication skills while attending an interview.

Mr Steven said, ‘I feel enthusiastic to work at St Joseph’s; and students are equally co-operating. Even the Principal is supportive and communicative. I have worked in the sales and marketing field before and I am able to use the same strategies here also.’

Mr Steven also said, ‘The work experience, environment and co-operation at St Joseph’s are very good.’ According to him work knowledge is important before a master’s degree.

Seven students were recruited by Century Link and 28 students by Wipro, after Mr Mathew took over as Placement Officer. The placement cell has been able to contact many companies. He expects more than 15 companies to visit the campus, this year.

According to Mr Mathew companies expect an average result of 60% in SSLC, PUC and Undergraduation as their basic criteria for placements.

Mr Mathew regrets that due to time constraints he could not help with internships for students this year, but he has been helping them with internships individually in his own time.

Mr Mathew has completed his BBM at St Joseph’s College Commerce and MBA at AMITY University.


SJC clinches in two inter-collegiate fests

Relay race

Students from St Joseph’s College won the Gold medal in a 4X100 meter relay race at an Inter Jesuit event conducted by St Joseph’s Evening College on November 23.

It was a combination of students from UG and PG. The participants who won are-

Nelson P Thomas, II MS Com, Isacc Nile III EPS, Sommanna P II IEC, Alen Devaiah II MIC, Adil Ahmed II IES, were the students who participated in the race.

Alen, one of the winners said, “The event was expected to have more number of participants [from other institutions], which didn’t happen. We cheerfully participated in the race as there is no other upcoming inter-collegiate event in the near future.”


In football, the College team won against Sri Chaithanya College in the Rotary Tournament conducted on November 22 with a score of 5-0. The team also won another match against RBNMS College on November 24 with a score of 2-0.

Prof. Lawrence, Assistant Director, Department of Physical Instruction said, “We want students to participate in more number of events during the upcoming Sports Day. Selections will be held and students are encouraged to attend [trials for the events] on the announced dates.”


Royal Finish to Mediacon 2014

CAMPUS: One should always try to be a journalist first and not a reporter, said Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Burman, Head of the Royal Family of Tripura and editor of The Northeast Times, the Chief Guest for the valedictory function of Mediacon.

He was addressing the participants of Mediacon about the status of media in the digital era and how it has become such a powerful tool.

“Journalism is not only reporting a matter and forgetting about it, it is also about following up on the story. A reporter only passes on information without any perspective, but one should not forget the fine line between perspective and opinion,” he explained.

Talking about the power and importance of media he said, “Media is the fourth pillar of the Indian constitution and it is something we need to preserve, because a country which can argue, which can question the authority in power, is a country which is looking for change from within and beyond.”

Dr Beatrice Sequeira, Vice Principal, Post Graduate section, was also present at the ceremony and spoke about the importance of academic research. “Only through research can we truly expand our knowledge and help spread this knowledge for greater benefit,” she said. She also went on to congratulate the communication department on the success of Mediacon and commended them on their hard work.

– Bhagyashree N, I MS Com

Prominent media personalities inaugurate Mediacon

CAMPUS: Mr Sugata Srinivasaraju, Editor-in-Chief, Vijay Karnataka, inaugurated Mediacon, a two-day national conference, at a glittering event at the Xavier Hall on November 27. Ms Sevanti Ninan, Editor, delivered the keynote address during the event conducted by the Department of Communication.

Dr Fr Praveen Martis, Principal, Prof. Johnson Rajkumar, Head, Department of Communication, and Prof. Parinitha Shinde, the staff coordinator for Mediacon were also present during the event.

The theme for this year’s Mediacon was ‘Media challenges in the age of globalisation and digitisation.’ It was an opportunity for media students, journalists and the academic community to discuss on the new media trends influencing the formation of the structure of contemporary media landscape.

Speaking about print and social media, Mr Srinivas said social media creates interaction whereas the newspaper has a lot of limitations. He added that technological change has made personalised and customised news possible, which cannot be done on a newspaper. “News sources have become multiple and the mediums also have become multiple,” he added.

Speaking about the theme of the conference, Ms Ninan said that the rise of social media has led to the increase in individual publishing houses. She said that while print talks about public opinion of less than 10% of the population, social media lets one have an immediate feedback and conveys a more accurate sense of public opinion.

The third edition of the national conference saw participants attending from all around the country.

Changing trends due to globalisation discussed

Day two of Mediacon started with three presenters putting forth their findings about ‘Traditional media versus online media’.

The second session was moderated by Prof. Julianna Lazarus, Head, Department of Journalism from Mount Carmel College.

Ms Rini Sinha, student at AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi in her paper, explored the phenomenon of selfies and its development as a means of self-expression. She referred to scholars like Roland Barthes, to establish an understanding of the topic.

The second paper was a result of the team work of three professors, Mr Nagarjamurthy and Mr Yogananda, Department of Journalism and Communication from Mysore University, and Ms C.A.Radhika, Assistant Professor at Ramaiah College, Bangalore.

In their empirical study the researchers surveyed100 respondents from four states and one Union Territory. The paper covered the effect of globalisation in these places and the birth of various TV networks.

Session four was on ‘Changing news structure and its impact on news credibility’. The moderator for this session was Prof. Naureen Aziz, Head, Department of Communicative English from Jyoti Nivas College.

The paper presenter for the session was Ms Sneha Paul, a student from Christ University. Her paper was based on the content analysis of the website Faking news. She brought in the concept of ‘filtering’ and ‘shaping’ reality.

After the presentation, Ms Aziz spoke about how reality is fundamentally contradictive to the presenter’s idea of ‘filtering’ or ‘shaping’ reality and how it should not be skewed.

The papers presented in these sessions stirred the audience’s curiosity to ask meaningful questions. The moderators for both the session raised questions which media students should start asking themselves to apprehend reality.

-Aiman, I MS COM