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Protestors comes together against Peshawar attack

To stand in solidarity with the families of the students who were massacred in an attack on the Army School in Peshawar and to condemn this inhumane act, students, teachers, and social activists from different organisations came together.

A  protest and candlelight vigil was organised at Town Hall on Thursday by St Joseph’s College, the NSS of the College, women’s group Vimochana, transgender group Onedeade and other organisations.

Students from different colleges came for the protest and voiced their anger towards the heinous attack. Mr Syed Mehboob, a protestor said, “It is nowhere mentioned in the Quran to kill children. Such people do not belong to any religion. Let us pray for peace.”

Sharing her feelings on the brutal attack and being visibly moved to tears, Ms Ranjitha R. Rithu, member of Onedeade said, “From the point of view of a mother, I personally feel that this act is abhorrent and disgusting. Children who go to school to study have lost their lives. We are all human beings; we must help each other and lead better lives.”

Mr Arjun Joshi, an intern Alternate Law Forum (ALF) said, “Whatever is happened in Pakistan, we are standing united against Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban or any extremist group who are trying to hamper children’s education.”

Ms Akkai Padmashali, member of Onedeade who took up the charge to mobilize the protestors also voiced her feelings about the atrocities committed on hundreds of innocent lives.

A human chain was formed by the people present at the vigil. They sang ‘We shall overcome’, a sign of support for the children who lost their lives.

-Aiman, I MS COMM



German wave sweeps across campus

CAMPUS: Deuktschewelle (meaning German wave), the association of the Department of German, organised its first annual fest, Zimstern on Friday.

The fest was inaugurated by Dr Fr Praveen Martis, Principal, Prof. Daniel D’Souza, staff coordinator, German Association. Reminiscing about his trip to Germany, the Principal said, “I have been to Germany quite a few times. By learning about Germany and the German language, the students experience cultural diversity. After the violence of World War II, Germans have now learnt their lesson to stay united and lead life peacefully. We, here in India must inculcate this nature of theirs and imbibe it in our lives too.”

Speaking about the relevance of learning a foreign language in the present day scenario, Prof. D’ Souza said, “The main agenda behind organising this fest is to educate students and interact with them about the growth of foreign languages. First level certification is given by this College which is a basic necessity if a student travels to Germany.”

Tasty German snacks like hot dogs, cupcakes with frosting of German flag colours, ginger beer, and brownies were sold at stalls at the fest. There were also song dedications and music played by the College band. Carnival games like brick and a bucket, a tattoo stall, a game of secret Santa were played.

The inauguration ceremony was followed by carol singing from III year German students and a music concert by the College band.

A Rendez-vous with the French culture

Rendez-vous, an association of the Department of French, organised ‘Decouvrir La France’, their third annual intercollegiate French fest, on Tuesday. The fest included many events that provided opportunities for students to test and exhibit their writing and spoken skills in French.

A food fest, which was the highlight of the fest, was held in the quadrangle. A variety of French dishes prepared by participants from various colleges which were on display as part of the cooking competition were later sold.. The theme for the cuisine was ‘Christmas delicacies’. A spelling bee , quiz , L’ecriture creative- an essay competition , Mots Croises- a crossword event, Extempore, Bandes Dessinees,- a comic strip making competition, a French carol singing competition, Cuisiner- a cooking competition, Pot pourri which included pictionary and dumb charades were the other events in the fest. The events were held in different venues on campus. All events saw ample number of participants.

“There has been a rise in the number of participants. A number of students from schools and colleges in Bangalore have participated in the fest this year.It is such a pleasure to see so many students enrolling themselves in these events and challenging their French skills,” said Ms Satyashree, faculty, Department of French.

In order to gain more participation, the events conducted were categorised into beginners level and advanced level. A number of students from Mount Carmel College, Canadian International School, Jyoti Nivas College, Mallya Aditi International School, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce participated in various events.

Speaking about the spirit of unity between different cultures, Aishwarya, II BVC said, “As a student of French, I think it is really good to have one day dedicated to France and the French culture. It gives us all an opportunity to get together and share our views and experiences about learning the language and exploring its culture.’

Sushmita Das

I Ms Comm

JPL set to acquire Radio City

Leading media group Jagran Prakashan Limited (JPL) announced the acquisition of Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL) in a press statement on Tuesday.

MBPL operates 20 popular radio stations under the Radio City brand. Their revenues in 2013-14 showed a significant growth and it is expected to grow more in the coming years. Jagran Group is set to buy Radio City 91.1 FM in all-cash acquisition that will put JPL into profitability.

JPL is said to have made a strong business proposition in which the radio merger compliments their existing media portfolio in terms of print, outdoor activities, and digital business at the national and local level. In a filing given to the Bombay Stock Exchange, it is stated that the acquisition will primarily be funded from internal accruals and investments; however, it is subject to regulatory approvals from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The merger of these two media companies is likely to strengthen JPL’s presence in new media and increase business diversity across various media vehicles.

– Saili Desai, I MS COM

Polit Bureau Questions HRD Minister’s Circular

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), demanded accountability from Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Smriti Irani’s alleged false statements regarding the circular issued by her Ministry on December 9. The  HRD minister found herself amidst of this controversy because of the circular addressed to all schools to observe December 25 as ‘Good Governance Day’ by organising various competitions for students.

The Polit Bureau claims that the circular was addressed not only to the Navodaya Schools but also the Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools (KVS). They add that this was contrary to Ms Irani’s statement that only a voluntary online essay competition which did not require students to go to school will be held. The circular issued by her Ministry not only asked the schools to “ensure active participation of students” for activities ranging from elocution contests, to child cabinets, to documentary screenings, but also to provide the Ministry with compliance reports. The response from the KVS was that it was not possible as schools would be closed as further exposed the actions of the Minister.

The Polit Bureau also blamed the Minister of willfully trying to conceal the facts. They claimed this to be a wholly unconstitutional effort to push a divisive agenda on a day which is a holiday celebrated by the Christian community. They were also of the opinion that Prime Minister should inform the nation through Parliament what action he intended to take against the Minister.

– Krishna Dileep, I Mscom