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Political parties in the city react to AIB controversy

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Major political parties have taken a stand against the famous online comedy troupe All India Bakchod’s (AIB) roast show video and demanded action against the Bollywood celebrities featured in the video as well as the organisers of the program. In the city, political parties have divided opinions on the issue.

An individual’s constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression comes into debate when such controversies arise. In a telephonic interview with The Beacon, Srikanta Murthy, spokesperson for the Congress said, “Creative freedom must not be curbed. Nobody has the rights to ask somebody else not to exercise their constitutional rights. The censoring or moral policing of any form of creative expressions cannot be justified.”

Mr Murthy also pointed out that India is a country where there are ancient temples with carvings and sculptures which portray nudity, so in the present Indian context questioning modern creative expressions for its explicit contents is not fair.

Members of BJP had another take on the controversy. “The audience who saw the show is diverse with different attitudes and perceptions. Using filthy languages in a show to entertain the audience should not be tolerated. Freedom do not means that people can get away saying whatever they like,” said Raja, BJP youth leader (Ward 51). He added that artists must keep in mind the sensitivity levels of the audience in front of whom they are performing.

The AIB video of the roast show that took place at the City stadium in Mumbai on December 20 got Bollywood celebrities Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, and Ranveer Singh into trouble for using rude comments and vulgar language in their performance.

– Nandini. R, I MS COM


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