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Student seminar on Indian current affairs calls for papers

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CAMPUS: In an attempt to encourage Post graduate students to enhance their research skills, a student seminar on ‘State of the Indian Republic’ will be organised by the Department of Political Science on February 26.

The themes for the research papers are human security, development and other challenges in the North East, security and assimilation of others, and India and the world.

Dr Priyanca Mathur Velath, coordinator the seminar said, “We are very happy to present in St Joseph’s College, its very first student seminar. We would encourage all the students to come and participate and use this forum to talk about their research. We look forward to make it an annual feature.”

The seminar would also focus on topic such as the six decades of development, economic growth and urbanisation, the IMF and the World Bank growth rate forecast for India, and the economic activity buoyed by expectations from the newly-elected government of Narendra Modi.

Those interested are required to send a 400 word abstract and a 200 word bio by February 12 to be eligible to present their papers at the seminar.

– I MS Com, Amera Sailani


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