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Tracing the mythology of the eagle

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Dr Vanamala Parthasarathy, a scholar in the field of Vaisnavism launched her book Garuda Past and Present –A Bird’s eye view of South Indian Traditions in the Bangalore International Center on Friday.

Dr Parthasarathy conducted research on eagles for over 20 years and said she still believes that she has more to learn about the “majesty and enigma that the Hindu mythology presents for the Garuda (eagle).”

She said the eagle was a bird of prey and has been a revered part of Hindu mythology and people should also realise the importance of conservation, because these birds are an integral part of the ecosystem as well.

“Lakes and other natural habitats of Eagles have been reducing at a rapid rate due to construction of buildings, roads, and malls. To protect them (eagles) we need to conserve lakes and plant more trees,” she added.

Ram Naidu, a book enthusiast and an attendee of the launch said, “In my view this book should be read by everyone. This may be based in mythology but it has some information for scholars and our future generations. This book speaks about our culture and heritage.”

-Sumit, I MS COMM


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