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Vocational skill trainers face brunt of government’s negligence

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“The new government has completely ignored us and is not responding to our pleas,” said Ananda Iyengar, Secretary Vocational Training Provider Committee (VTP) on Monday.

The VTP members voiced their anger against the government, as they have not received any funds for developing the standards of education. The trainers claim that they have no received their salary for the last eight months.

The VTP members are among 1200 trainers in the state who are facing problems under the Karnataka State Skill Development scheme which began in 2008 as an initiative by the government to develop skilled labors in the country. The scheme receives Rs 2000 crores from the Central government and is run by the State governments across India.

The Karnataka office provides education to around 50,000 students each year, with various skill development courses under the scheme. The state presently ranks last in terms of number of students passing out for the year 2014, however they were ranking number one across the country till the year 2013.

Shedding light on the reason for the drop in the student count, Ravi Shanker, President VTP explained, “We were the best in the country since the time the scheme had begun till recently. Now we are not receiving enough funds to bring in new courses. This has led to drop in the students taking up the course.”

The VTP will be holding a protest by fasting from February 16th, in a hope that the government would hear to their pleas.

– Santosh , I MS COM


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