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Afghanistan’s diplomat interacts with Political Science students

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M Ashraf Haidari, Deputy Chief of Mission, Afghanistan delivered a guest lecture on Indo-Afghan relations, hosted by the PG Department of Political Science on Friday.

The talk was on Indo-Afghan Relations in a Changing world – The Way Forward

Mr Haidari spoke about India’s role in rebuilding Afghanistan since President Hamid Karzai came to power. “India has been building hospitals, highways, educational institutions, scholarships to Afghan students in India and training security forces and India’s assistance to Afghanistan has been far greater than anyother country,” said Mr Haidari according to a Press release issued by the Department of Political Science.

Mr Haidari emphasised on the importance of larger aid from India and cooperation on different fronts including security issues.

Following the presentation the audience asked questions about future of India-Afghan ties, Afghanistan’s relations with China and influence of Pakistan on the peace process. Mr. Haidari during his interaction with faculty members of the Department of Economics and Political Science suggested that the College should arrange for English proficiency classes for international students. He also emphasised that more interaction between the academic community in Afghanistan and the College can be initiated by signing of Memorandum of Understanding.

-Sumit Dasgupta, I MS COMM


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