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Bangaloreans donate hair in aid of cancer victims

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BENGALURU: Over 200 people donated their hair at St Joseph’s College of Commerce and Green Trends salons across Bangalore as part of the Tangled 2015 campaign, a hair donation drive initiated by students of Women’s Christian College in Chennai in aid of cancer patients.

The hair donated this year can be used to produce around 30 natural hair wigs, each of which would otherwise cost the patients up to Rs 8000 apiece. The donated hair will be sorted and donated to the Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai, and customised wigs will be produced for cancer patients who have lost their hair while undergoing prolonged chemotherapy.

Salon manager James Kujur said, “Most of the donations were from women between 18 and 35 years of age. The year’s event has had much more participation than the previous year and it was very heartening to see children and even a few men with long hair joining the drive and donating their hair.”

Ms Carol Menezes, who donated nine inches of hair on Monday, said “It is easy for us to donate our hair because it will grow back in a few months. But to lose all your hair to cancer is a harrowing experience that is a huge blow to the patients’ self esteem. A good wig can mean a lot and it is very heartening to see that so many people have volunteered to give up a good amount of their hair to those battling cancer.”

Tangled began in Chennai in February 2014 on World Cancer Day as an effort to increase awareness about, and promote the practice of, hair donation. Following its success, it was continued in January 2015 and brought to Bangalore.

A minimum length of about six inches of hair is required for donation.  In 2014, 3500 people donated hair, from which wigs worth Rs 15 lakhs were produced.

-Akanksha Ohri, I MS COM


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