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NFB to protest seeking demand of 1000 laptops from State

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BENGALURU: The National Federation of the blind (NFB) said on Wednesday they would stage a protest on 4 March, demanding the distribution of laptops to visually impaired college students by the state government.

The Chief Minister had promised to distribute 1000 laptops to the students in the previous state budget but failed to execute it in the current financial year, NFB said in a press release. “With the financial year coming to an end, the State Government has come into denial mode, “the release said.

GautamAgarwal, General Secretary of NFB Karnataka also demanded that issues like the implementation of employment schemes, providing recognition for special D.Ed and B.Ed courses in par with general D.Ed and B.Ed and increasing the number of educators to teach special children be addressed.

Speaking to The Beacon about the protest, Mr Agarwal said, “Technology has taken over our lives and normal people are using laptops. The government should provide us with laptops which would make teaching easier.”

“The state government has beensensitive towards us,” he added.

Madhumati, a visually challenged person said, “We would not give up on our protests until all our demands are met. We personally don’t feel of staging a protest but our situation forces us to do so.”

Talking about how these laptops would be used by the blind, Hasna, another visually challenged activistsaid, “These laptops are ordinary ones which come with talking screen software and would be useful to access study material in all formats like, talking books and e-books etc.”

Ashish Roy- I MS Comm


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