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VTPs resume protest against government negligence

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With the Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) coming to a standstill in the state, the Vocational Training Providers (VTPs) of the scheme continued their ongoing protest in Freedom Park on Monday against the Department of Employment and Training.

According to Ravishanker, President, Karnataka State Skill Development Mission, over 1,300 VTPs in the state have not received payment since April 2014. He said, “Because of the Government’s negligence, not only have we not received our payments, but also the students who have received the certificates after their assessments in 2013, haven’t been reimbursed.”

He added that the students had to pay a fee for the assessment until September 2013, when amendments were made to eliminate the assessment fee structure for the free course. The money was supposed to be reimbursed to them after they received their certificates. However, the transaction has not been completed.

Speaking about the payment for the Assessing Bodies which are private parties, he said that they have also not received their payments.

The protest which had earlier begun on February 5 was called off on February 11 with the assurance from the Minister of Labour and Employment, B N Bachhe Gowda, Karnataka, that things will be settled in 10 days’ time. However, when the status remained the same, the indefinite strike resumed on February 23 in Freedom Park.

The SDIS was executed throughout the country by the Central Government in 2008 for providing skills like spoken English, computer education, tailoring, cooking, and other 1,064 courses and 564 combined courses. These are certificate courses for existing workers, graduates, and school dropouts to improve their employability by optimally utilising the infrastructure available in Government, private institutions, and the industry.




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