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Seminar discusses bourgeoning trends in DNA research

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Dr Jagadish Mittur addressing the audience at the seminar.   Photo Credit: Vidhya

In an effort to expose students about breakthroughs in DNA research, the Department of Biotechnology  organised a UGC sponsored National seminar on ‘Emerging trends in DNA research’ on Tuesday.

The focus area was on DNA structures in plants, animals, medicine, and microbial biotechnology.

Dr Fr Praveen Martis inaugurated the event which will be held for two days. Many prominent speakers addressed students at the seminar. The keynote speaker, Dr Jagadish Mittur, Head, Biotech Facilitation Cell, Government of Karnataka, spoke about genetically modified crops and how biotechnonogy as a whole is incorporated in agriculture and basic development of life science in India.

The seminar consisted of a set of lectures by various expert speakers. Dr Malali Gowda , Director, Next Generation Geonomics Facility, shared his thoughts about NGS (next generation sequencing) technology that is catalysing biological sciences in India. Dr A Muruganandan, Affigenix solutions, addressed students about discovery approaches using proteomics and genomics technology platforms.

Dr G Ravikath, fellow, Ashoka trust for Research in Ecology and Environment spoke about the Promises and pitfalls of DNA barcoding.

Prof. Madappa, staff-coordinator for the event said, “The main purpose of the seminar is to develop confidence among students to present the research done by them and to provide an opportunity to learn about the technologies.” He added that this was a platform for students to connect academics to the industry.

The seminar also consisted of poster presentations and oral presentations on the research done by both Undergraduate and Post Graduate students.




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