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American director discusses economics of Hollywood

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Zac Miller, a writer, director, and producer delivered a lecture on the economics of Hollywood to the Post Graduate students of the Department of Communication on Thursday.

Mr Miller has made over 20 scripted and non-scripted shows in the United States, including the popular reality show Catfish: The TV Show based on the movie by the same name. He has also worked on 15 movies and dozens of other productions and is currently in India for a year working on a semi-narrative, cinema verite style of movie.

Speaking about how film appreciation and its theories help understand a film, he said, “A lot of people will argue a film is a piece of art, I myself believe that.”

Mr Miller started his session by showing the trailer for the feature film Armed Response to make the students understand how a movie is treated as a product by big production studios and is marketed accordingly.

Shedding light on how a movie gets made, he explained the difference between Hollywood style studio production and independent films. Talking about the various stages of film production, he quipped, “You can’t fix it in post. You fix it in pre-production.”

While talking about how budgeting is a crucial part of film production, he said, “A budget is a living, changing document. Don’t always resist change.”

Giving his advice to future filmmakers he mentioned that the best work comes from smart people under pressure. Making a movie is the most expensive art form and it may look glamorous to others, but it is not so on field; to produce the best of work one should work hard and carry a good attitude, he said.

-Aiman, I MS COM


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