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Contemporary artist converts architecture to works of art

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An exhibition showcasing paintings of Delhi based contemporary artist, SuparnaMondal, was held at The Ritz- Carlton, Residency Road in collaboration with Gallery Time and Space, an art gallery.

The exhibition showcased various paintings like ‘Love in Spring’,‘Untitled Red’, ‘Engrosed’, ‘Butterfly in Silver Screen’, and ‘Elite in red-I’, which usedacrylic on canvas.

Ms Mondal spoke about the abstract nature of her paintings and said, “When my audiences see my art, I want them to go deep into my paintings and be imaginative.” The paintings which had images of windows and pillars, linear lines, and striped patterns using contrasting colours like red and black, showed the artist’s love for conversion of architecture into art.

The painting, ‘Love in Spring’, shows the usage of lighter shades of colours like pink, blue and yellow, while the painting ‘untitled red’ showed bold patterns using a lot of lines in colours like red and black with shades of grey and white.

Talking about the event, Reenu George, Director, Gallery Space and Time said, “Suparna is a very promising contemporary artist working with architecture, turning them from concrete structures to works of art.Her paintings are figurative and conceptual.”

-Krishna Dileep




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