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Seminar held to discuss provisions for farmers in the state

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The Karnataka State Farmers Association held a seminar to raise their concerns about the problems in the agricultural sector, at the Press Club on Wednesday. The seminar titled “Farmer State Budget” was inaugurated by H Shivanna, Vice Chancellor of Gandhi Krishi Gnana Kendra.

The seminar threw light on the various schemes that the Karnataka State Government has implemented for farmers. It focused on how the previous government and the present government have failed to implement the schemes for agriculture and have ignored farmers issues.“Through this seminar, we are recommending for sustainable agricultural development and betterment of farming practises,” said K M Nagesh, an activist.

The three main aims of the seminar were to implement a Farmers Income Guarantee Commission, to give farmers a special category status, and to give importance for women in agriculture. “Through the Income Guarantee Commission, we hope to give farmers a guaranteed amount to fulfil their basic needs like food, clothing, education, and so on,” said Mr Shivana. He added that the farmers should be considered under special categories to avail reservation quotas.

Emphasising that the government should give importance to women farmers, Mr Nagesh said that although 70% of the agricultural work is done by women, they are not considered as peasants.

Addressing these issues, the speakers at the seminar demanded for a separate agricultural budget that would cater to the concerns and needs of the farmers.

Karnataka State Farmers Association is a 35 year old organisation established in 1980, which works for the betterment of the farming industry.

– Rhea Muthamma

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