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World Kidney Day seeks to create awareness about kidney diseases

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On the occasion of World Kidney Day on March 12, Manipal Hospitals released a statement to raise awareness about the prevalence, risks, and preventive measures of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

CKD, a progressive and irreversible loss of kidney function, can lead to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), if left untreated. In India, the approximate CKD prevalence is 800 per million population, while ESRD is 150-200 per million population. More than 10,000 new patients enter the renal replacement program annually in India, while only 10% receive treatment because of the scarcity of resources, the statement said.

Factors that increase the risk of chronic kidney diseases vary from diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases to excess of pain killers, auto-immune diseases, physical injury, and drug abuse.

“Kidneys are the silent partners for good health, but when they are damaged, they do not perform their task of filtering blood and other jobs efficiently. Early detection and treatment can help prevent kidney failure and the need for dialysis or a transplant,” said Dr GK Prakash, Consultant Nephrologist, Manipal Hospitals, in the statement.

Kidney diseases are believed to be the third major killer of the Indian population after cancer and heart conditions. Dr Prakash added that there was an urgent need to create awareness among patients as the high-risk groups are patients with diabetes and hypertension.

– Krishna Dileep



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