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‘Vital’ cloud based learning to reach schools across Karnataka

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Ten schools across Karnataka have been provided with VitalCloud, a cloud-based digital learning tool which has educational applications that enable students in rural areas to access study material online.

The technology allows schools to connect to the internet cloud using digital tablets and access learning tools that are hosted on a local server. These include live lectures that can be streamed, archived third party video lectures, and interactive tools that can aid learning.

Mr B V Jagadeesh, co-founder, TeleVital India said, “We have received positive feedback from students and teachers who have used the software. This way, the students have access to material over the internet that is not available in their physical classrooms. It is our aim to reduce the gap between haves and have-nots in the field of education.”

This pilot program is the beginning of software company TeleVital’s project to reduce the digital divide and make these developments in education more accessible in rural areas.  The technology is being provided to schools by TeleVital along with the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology and the Indian Institute of Science. Based on the success of this pilot program, this technology might be provided to over 1,000 schools across India.

Akanksha Ohri, I MSCom


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