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Shoddy road work leaves residents in a difficult situation

Caught between a shoddy attempt at fixing the streets and the aftermath of it, the people of S.B.M Colony, Mathikere are stuck in a difficult situation that does not seem to let up.

Due to the heavy rainfall in the latter half of May and early June, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) in order to clean the streets of grime and gutter, dug up paved roads to re-install new pipes that would redirect sewage and rain water in a more efficient manner.

The problem affecting the residents of S.B.M Colony is that the roads which were dug up were never re-laid properly afterwards, and it has been the bane of people’s lives for over four weeks.

R.K. Rajshekar, a resident of S.B.M Colony said, “I have been living here for 12 years. These roads were never laid up as it should be after people from BBMP installed these pipes. It has been over a month now and they still haven’t fixed this entire stretch of road.”

He also stated that during rains the road becomes muddy for commuters riding their vehicles which may cause an accident. School buses and autos also find it difficult to maneuver because the road is uneven.

Mr Rajshekar and other residents of the Colony have complained to BBMP before, but to no avail.

When asked for comments, BBMP officials said that they had noted people’s complaints and would act on it as soon as possible. They refused to comment further.

– Sumit Dasgupta


BMTC to issue student pass from July 3rd

Bengaluru: Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is all set to issue the annual student concessional bus passes to all degree students from 3rd July.

The transport company which issues the annual passes has decided not to revise the fare; it would be beneficial for students using the services on a daily basis as they would not bear the brunt of rising fuel and ticket prices. This year the rates for the college students is Rs 550 for six months, Rs 1000 for 10 months and Rs 1200 for 12 months; for students in professional courses (Post Graduation) the tariff is Rs 675 for six months and Rs 1250 for 12 months.

Concession passes would be issued from 8am to 5pm on all days except general holidays and Sundays. They will be issued till September to avoid inconvenience and overcrowding. Students are required to submit along with the application forms the original fee receipt for the current academic year, ID card issued by the college, two passport size photos, prescribed pass fee and a copy of the Aadhaar Card (if available).

The application forms will be available free of cost at any of the 40 issuing centres including Shantinagar and Shivajinagar bus stations or can be downloaded from the website

-Akash S Vadanan, I MS COM

Economic Forum organises extempore and quiz

As a part of the three days Annual Economic Forum, organised extempore and quiz on Tuesday. The events are open to all Undergraduate students.

When asked about the improvements made this year in their association, Sneha G, the student organiser of Annual Economic Forum said, “We are improving and organising better events year by year and our HOD, Dr Subhashini M Krishnan, is supporting us and helping us come up with new events, and providing us insights into the world on economics.” She also added, that a few events are not economics based so that students from all departments can participate. The first, second and the third year students are divided and events are organised accordingly.

The third day’s (Wednesday) event has been postpone to July 3rd due election of the Student Council. The events to be conducted on Friday are stress interview and product launch and followed by treasure hunt on Saturday.

Rhea Muthamma


PANA elects new representatives

Philatelists and Numismatists Association (PANA), a platform for staff and students who are interested in the collection and study of postage stamps, postal stationary and currency notes, organised their first meeting to elect new representatives of the year 2015-16. PANA is the smallest association of the College established in the year 1999, with teachers and students participating together.

Prof Anuplal G, is elected president, and Ms. Salonee Balraj, student IIIrd BA, is elected general secretary of PANA. The executive staff members of the association are Prof. Clement D’Souza, Dr Berin Lukas, Ms Jyothsna K.S, and Prof Maria David. Rolfee Fernandes, Bidyamali ( Arts), Praveen and Priya ( Science) have been elected the executive members.

The association also discussed about the improvements to be made this year. They are looking forward for updating the PANA wall magazine and to improve its sales. PANA will organise its meetings every Tuesday.

The new membership drive for PANA will be conducted on Friday, July 3. The membership is open only for the first year students of all departments.

Rhea Muthamma


Bengaluru, gains status as a home for traffic problems

The IT capital is losing its fame as the garden city and is now gaining reputation as the traffic city in the country.

Speaking about this issue to The Beacon, Traffic Inspector Mr Mohammad Ali said, “It’s not surprising that the traffic in Bangalore is gone up and it is very obvious that this is mainly because of the IT sector. We are trying our best to manage traffic along with which we are also aiming at bringing down the cases of road rage and accidents. Our only request to the public is that if they act wisely, we can reduce the traffic problems in our city.”

Bangalore city, in the past few years, has given rise to a number of traffic issues which have in turn made it popular for all the wrong reasons. The number of vehicles on road has sprung up and touched about 50 lakhs per day. According to reports of Bangalore Traffic Police, the IT and other related industries are one of the major reasons for the increase in traffic of the city. About 7-10% of the total vehicle population on the roads is increased annually.

“It is very upsetting to see Bangalore in this state with increasing traffic problems. What residents and commuters like us need to understand is that it is caused by us and only we can solve it. Following traffic rules and keeping calm while driving might reduce half our problems,” said Abhishek Hegde, a resident of Wilson Garden.

Despite introducing several new modes of transportation and various facilities provided for commuters, like car pooling and cab sharing, the traffic in the City has been increasing over the past few years.