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Ignitors 2015 begins

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CAMPUS: As part of Ignitors the second and third year Undergraduate students of the College cleaned the roads in Shanthinagar and tried to raise awareness concerning traffic safety and water privatisation.

Ignitors, a three day orientation programme started on Monday. The programme is designed to sensitise students towards social and environmental issues and to teach them life skills.

The session started at 11.30 a.m. for all the students. Second year students were divided in groups, and were allotted a task that is of a social concern.

The students went around Shanthinagar on a cleaning drive. They were provided garbage bags and hand gloves to collect and clean the areas near Nanjappa Circle and Richmond Circle. They were handed out pamphlets by third year UG volunteers to take around traffic signal, trying to remind commuters about the relevance of road safety.

The third year students participated in life skill sessions with different facilitators who dealt with topics like effective communication, strategies to cope with stress and decision making.

Speaking about the sessions that were held today, Hemavati N, All India Christian University Federation (AICUF) member, said, “I am working as Ignitors volunteer. We divided the students in groups and assigned them the task. We also accompanied them in overseeing the task. The second years will be interacting with ‘Ignitors’ who will conduct life skill sessions with them tomorrow. ”

On asking about relevance of Ignitors, Aditya R, a student of II PEM, said, “I have been part of Ignitors for over five years now. I feel instead of exhibiting placards at traffic signals we should clean our own campus.”

– Aiman


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