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Cops push for common bus service in schools

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BANGALORE: The Bangalore Police has requested schools in the areas surrounding Infantry Road and Richmond Road to encourage more students to use school bus services or adopt carpooling to avoid traffic congestion.

“It takes my child one hour by the school bus when my house is only 15mins away. The busses, cars and auto rickshaws parked outside the school premises block the traffic making it difficult for vehicles to move. I am glad that the police is taking action on this,” said Sushmita Gowda, a commuter

The police has also arranged for a meeting to request all the schools in the surrounding areas to change their school timings and allow parking space inside the school premises. Rajan Sundaresh, a traffic police near Bishop Cotton Girls School, informed The Beacon that schools have been requested to start by 8:30 am to avoid the peak traffic hour. This will not only decrease traffic but will also aid the safety of students and commuters.

Schools located along Residency Road, Richmond Road and Infantry Road have assured the police to cooperate and help in easing out traffic.

Gayatri Tandon


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