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Pedestrian faces fine for jaywalking

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BENGALURU: Pedestrians crossing the road near Hosur were caught and fined for jaywalking on Tuesday.

Many pedestrians choose to jump barricades, or walk through traffic to cross the highway as a way to get across faster. Over 53 percentage of road accident victims are pedestrians and the city police has taken up measures to cut down the risk of any further accidents.

While speaking on this issue to a few daily commuters from Yelahanka to Hebbal, Prof.Vanitha, Department of Microbiology, said, “When the signal goes off everyone is in a hurry to make it to their destination, but due to a few commuters on the road who jump barricades, they cause chaos and confusion and delay. It is a serious issue because on the highway the vehicles travel at a high speed and this is dangerous for the pedestrians.”

“At times you are bound to get late to work, so the easier way to get to the other side of the highway is to risk jumping over the barricades. The next zebra crossing is over one kilometer away.” said Sheril Thomas, a resident of Jakkur.

326 pedestrians have been arrested and fined for crossing main roads this month. The fine that is levied varies from rupees 100 to 500.


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