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Rainfall creates civic issues

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BENGALURU:The city faced heavy Rainfall during the past weeks,due to which the residents of
Shantinagar face the aftermath.

The heavy rainfall not only created heavy waterlogging but also garbage disposal
difficulty.Speaking of this issue Laxmamma, a small business owner, said,”The BBMP truck driver and
the garbage collector demanded us to repair their truck in order to collect the garbage outside our

Mr Mohan another resident of the area who is a regular visitor of the Sai Bhagwan Temple said,”My
family and I faced a lot of problem due to the heavy rain last week, there was waterlogging around
the shantinagar bus stand and the water level had risen upto my bike seat. It created delay in
starting my bike.We also faced traffic jam.If the drains were flowing fine we would not have faced
such a problem.”

Harsha a resident of M.M Street who runs a local business, said due the untimely rain there was
less turnover in his business. Another street vendor said,the sudden downpour damaged her produce
and she faced a loss.

Sri Sathish a BBMP employee said,”During rain there is always a problem,and the faulty disposal of
garbage by the people it takes a lot of time. If the garbage is disposed in the right place and
according to the segregation rules it will help us as well.”




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