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Education to uplift the Indian Ocean region

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CAMPUS: “The Indian Ocean region housing 40% of the world’s population has the highest rate of poverty, population and also terrorism. Education will help bring about a change in this and hence the importance of education is to be understood most by the region,” said Mr Muthukumar, former ambassador, Indian Ocean Comparative Education Society (IOCES) in his valedictory address during the IOCES international conference.

The two-day conference titled Promoting Peace, Harmony and Development through Education in the Indian Ocean, focused on the misconceived values of education in today’s world, and on educating people across the Indian Ocean on the education system.

“The quality of education and number of private schools in our country is low. But when compared to other countries, the importance given to educating girls is higher and hence the standards of education for girls are better ,” said Ms Vasantha Shirani, Sri Lankan delegate, when asked about the Sri Lankan education system.

Delegates from Sri Lanka, Japan, Mauritius, Thailand and Maldives attended the event. Two parallel sessions about Comparative Education and Education policy centered on the instrumental value of education was held.

-krishna Dileep


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