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Karnataka Cancer society to hold health camps for ill and disabled

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BENGALURU: In order to help people with incurable diseases and disabilities like cancer, diabetics, blindness, deafness and dumb, the Rotary Club of Bengaluru in association with the Karnataka Cancer Society will organise health camps for all, at the Jnanodaya International School, Shankarapuram, on June 21.

According to a press release, all persons with disabilities and other deadly diseases will be given free medical assistance, such as cancer treatment for women and senior citizens, eye tests, awareness about electrocardiography (ECG) tests including free dental check up.

Speaking to The Beacon, Muniraju, MLA, Dasarahalli said, “While everyone is speaking about World Yoga Day and its benefits, helping the disabled through such camps will help them lead privileged lives. It is more than social service”.

“Helping the blind recover sight, and donating blood to people suffering from cancer is more of what India should look at today,” he added.

Furthermore, many other organisations like Narayana Heart Centre, Sri Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Science and Swamy Vivekananda Voluntary Blood Bank will partner with each other to deliver service to the disabled and others with dreadful diseases.

– Ashish, II MS Com


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