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Struggle for Iftar this Ramzan

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BANGALORE: This year your taste buds will crave for Mughlai food as Mosque Road in Frazer Town will no longer be setting up food stalls this Ramzan.

The Mosque Management Committee has decided against setting up food stalls on their premises as the residents of Frazer Town have lodged complaints regarding traffic and garbage by the stalls during Iftar (evening feast).

This year the Food Mela will cater to only 16 stalls in an effort to reduce garbage. This will also help in regulating the visitors that Mosque Road attracts, making it easy for the Police to manage traffic.

“Law and order on Mosque Road has been a topic of discussion every year by the residents. The Mosque was forced to take up this measure as the traffic, garbage and security problems have not reduced,” said Pervez Sheriff, a member, Mosque Management Committee.

Every week the Food Mela during Ramzan attracts approximately 2,000 people making it unmanageable for the Police to tackle the crowd. Last year the Mosque authorities with the help of the Police set up CCTV cameras a precautionary measure.

“Mosque Road attracts people from all faiths which adds to the chaos after Namaz (prayers). One feels like living elsewhere during the month of Ramzan,” said Karun Chandy, a resident , Frazer Town.

Residents have suggested setting up stalls in the nearby playground. The Dasara ground in JC Nagar is also an alternative. The Mosque authorities are coordinating with the local MLA for the same

“We will be selling Ramzan delicacious like Halem, Kebabs and Samosas from our shop itself as the Mosque has banned the setting up of stalls this year,” said Irrfan Khan, owner of Biryani Palace

Gayatri Tandon

Food stall at Mosque road serving Ramzan delicacies

Food stall at Mosque road serving Ramzan delicacies


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