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Construction catastrophe makes headlines again

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BANGALORE: With the recent collapse of the Queen’s Apartment compound wall and cracking of the building, the lack of quality of construction has yet again made headlines. The city that is always under construction has had earlier episodes of construction catastrophe. The safety of the residents in such areas is under question as houses adjacent to such apartments also cave along with such buildings.

“We do make sure that the construction that takes place is of good quality. But in some cases the builders do not give a warrantee and hence nothing can be done legally if the building collapses,” said a BDA official, when questioned why builders did not face any consequences even after many such episodes.

Bangalore has the highest number of deaths in building collapse cases in the state. According to the figures recorded by the government, there are more than 160 cases registered in Bangalore Urban District.

“Nowadays the builders are not concerned about safety of its residents. They are very business-oriented and hence focus more on finishing a construction than on the quality of the work,” said Mr Dayanand, Revenue Department.

-Krishna Dileep


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