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Fate Breakers tell stories of fetter breakers

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The exhibition was organised by Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, titled “Fate Breakers”, which portrays photographs of women who have been fighting against prejudice and determinism in society.

Fate Breakers, captures the lives of women who have made a difference not only to empower themselves and their lives but also to lives of those around them too. It portrays the courage and will of the people who stood up and changed the direction in which life was taking them.

Belgian photographer Pascal Mannaerts, a travel photographer is interested in exploring the human aspect of life, and tries to understand the social structure so that he can bring back strong images that tell stories about life in the country. He has travelled and worked in Palestine, Ethiopia, China and many places in Europe looking for stories.

Some of the photographs featured in the exhibition are of the widows living in an ashram, trans-genders, women working to rehabilitate prostitutes, women who have broken the shackles of caste system to find respectable jobs and women who have suffered acid attacks.

The exhibition begins on June 24, 2015 and goes on till July 5, 2015.

– Amera Sailani, II MS Com


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