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Fundraiser held to support Ondede

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CAMPUS: Ondede, a gender equality foundation held a fundraiser at the Undergraduate Quadrangle on Wednesday. For the fundraiser, volunteers set up a food and cosmetic stall.

Speaking about the fundraiser, Shubitha Cherian, a volunteer of Ondede said, “This is the first batch of organic cosmetics that we are selling. Through our market survey, we will incorporate this as a form of employment and create a stable form of income for the LGBT community.”

During the fundraiser, Akkai Padmashali, founder member of Ondede said, “We should accept people of all sexual minorities, firstly as human beings and not adhere to societies’ judgmental constructs. We should allow people to have their own personal sexual orientation.”

Akkai added that the Delhi High Court verdict on Section 377 was a great step forward and it was wrong by the Supreme Court to state that the judgment is unconstitutional.

Steven De Nazareth
II MS Communication


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