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Kankana Naadu Nudigagi patronises Kannada

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Kankana Naadu Nudigagi, an organisation that promotes Kannada, held a silent protest in Bangalore Central Mall on Sunday. Their main was to encourage and promote Kannada language.

The organisation protests every month on Sundays promoting Kannada. They have divided themselves into four groups, Kavery, Krishna, Sharavathi and Thunga to spread awareness in different parts of Bangalore and encourage the usage of Kannada.

Kankana also organised a campaign “Kannada Mathadi” to promote the language Kannada. They also encourage the public and college students to volunteer for the protest.

Karthik, a student of KLES NIJALLINGAPPA College, said, “It is imperative to protect the state language as Kannadigas themselves do not use the language in most public spaces unless necessary. Advertisers also promote their brands only in English and Hindi and Kannada is ignored.”

Kankana organised protests in JP Park, Malleswaram 8th cross, Banashakari BDA complex and Jayanagar. Their main aim was to promote Kannada and encourage Kannadigas to speak in Kannada at home, malls, banks, hospitals and star hotels. They also encourage the use of Kannada while messaging on all social media forums and also encourage the government to use Kannada on all sign boards and billboards around the city. This will help protect as well as promote the language across the state.

-Rhea Muthamma, II MS COM


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