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Bengaluru, gains status as a home for traffic problems

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The IT capital is losing its fame as the garden city and is now gaining reputation as the traffic city in the country.

Speaking about this issue to The Beacon, Traffic Inspector Mr Mohammad Ali said, “It’s not surprising that the traffic in Bangalore is gone up and it is very obvious that this is mainly because of the IT sector. We are trying our best to manage traffic along with which we are also aiming at bringing down the cases of road rage and accidents. Our only request to the public is that if they act wisely, we can reduce the traffic problems in our city.”

Bangalore city, in the past few years, has given rise to a number of traffic issues which have in turn made it popular for all the wrong reasons. The number of vehicles on road has sprung up and touched about 50 lakhs per day. According to reports of Bangalore Traffic Police, the IT and other related industries are one of the major reasons for the increase in traffic of the city. About 7-10% of the total vehicle population on the roads is increased annually.

“It is very upsetting to see Bangalore in this state with increasing traffic problems. What residents and commuters like us need to understand is that it is caused by us and only we can solve it. Following traffic rules and keeping calm while driving might reduce half our problems,” said Abhishek Hegde, a resident of Wilson Garden.

Despite introducing several new modes of transportation and various facilities provided for commuters, like car pooling and cab sharing, the traffic in the City has been increasing over the past few years.




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