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Eco-friendly car service commences at Cubbon Park

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After Lalbagh, eco-friendly battery run vehicles have been introduced at Cubbon Park on a trial basis from Sunday.

On Sunday, Cubbon Park brought two electric cars from Lalbagh in order to check the amount of time it required to cover 192 acres of the Park. The electric cars proved to be time saving and pollution free. According to the Park officials, the introduction of these battery run cars will be convenient for aged people to move around in the Park. Hence, preference will be given to senior citizens, children as well as differently-abled people who visit the Park.

Deputy Director, Department of Horticulture (Cubbon Park), Mr Mahantesh Murgod said, “We have two buggies in the Park, one is an eight-seater and the other an eleven-seater. It will only be available on Sundays, as vehicles are allowed inside the Park during the rest of the week. The idea is to make movement easy for the public to look around and also to promote tourism. We strongly urge people to use this facility introduced by the government.”

Speaking about the fares for these electric cars, Mr Murgod confirmed that the officials have not yet decided the fare amount for the ride. It is expected to be Rs 100, similar to the fare for Lalbagh electric cars.

Resident of Cunningham Road, Prajna Hebbale said, “It is a very helpful initiative for the public, considering that a lot of youngsters and senior people visit the Park. It will enable them to see every corner of the Park. On a personal note, it is beneficial for my grandparents who visit the Park every evening, as moving around the park will now be easy for them.”

– Saili Desai, II MS COM


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