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Josephites elect new council members

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The Student Council Election fervor in the College has finally come to an end as the new representatives were elected on Thursday.

The representatives elected are Vyshak for President; Sailesh for General Secretary; Simran for Treasurer and Titu as the Joint Secretary for this academic year. The result for the Vice President post will be announced on Friday.

There were seven voting booths across the campus and Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) were used for voting. Voting began at 9 am and ended at 3 pm. Dr Berin Lukas, the Student Council Governor was in charge of the elections.

Arunvignesh Dhanraj, III year BVC student said, “The election campaign this year was celebrated with a lot more enthusiasm, students were at their creative best in campaigning  and many of my peers turned up to vote enthusiastically.”

An opinion poll was conducted by the Statistics Department predicting the results. The survey was conducted among 294 students in the College across all departments.  According to the opinion polls, Vyshak was tipped to win Presidency, and Sailesh as General Secretary. While Nairika and Deepa had equal votes for the post of Vice Presidency, and Simran and Rajesh shared equal votes for Treasurer, there was no clarity for the post of Joint Secretary between Chaitra, Titu and Chethan.  Of the three announced results, the post for the President, General Secretary and Treasurer was accurate.

“The student participation in the election campaign was remarkable where they campaigned for their favourite candidate with pomp and zeal, from putting up banners to shouting slogans, we witnessed it all,” said Sailesh who contested for General Secretary.

The elections were advanced by a day, which was initially to be conducted on July 3rd as the EVMs were used by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, a day prior to the College election.

– Rhea Muthamma, II MS COM


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