Kanakapura Road Metro causes nuisance for residents and travelers

Residents and travelers are troubled commuting through the stretch connecting Banashankari Temple to Kanakapura Road.

Four years ago, before the metro work commenced, this road was surrounded by trees on either side. The metro construction now stands as a problem, creating pollution and excess heat in the area.

Manjunatha Iyer, resident of Kanakapura Road, said, “This part of the town was known for greenery, but now the metro work has ruined everything. It is impossible to walk on this stretch as one cannot breathe properly. The dust generated is highly life threatening.”

When asked about the pollution problems on Kanakapura Road, K S Reddy, local shop owner said, “This has created problems for my business. After I open my shop, everything is covered in a layer of dust within a few minutes. Also, the heat is unbearable because of the construction work.”

Reflecting on this issue, General Manager and Chief Public Relations Officer, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation, Mr Vasanth Rao said, “If people want modern infrastructure, some sacrifices have to be made. For every tree that has been cut, we have planted 10 trees. We are trying our best to preserve the trees while we create better transport for Bengaluru.” He also mentioned that the roads would be reconstructed after the metro work is completed.

Kanakapura Road serves as an important route connecting various schools and residential projects in Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Puttenahalli and Banashankari.

– Saili Desai, II MS COM

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