BMTC introduces women safety alarm

Due to the concerns regarding women safety issue, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Cooperation (BMTC) has taken initiative to install women safety alarms in BMTC buses.

These alarms have been installed in all the women seats, and there are switches that are used to alert the bus driver’s in case of any inconvenience. The driver’s seat has eight bulbs displaying the corresponding seats where the alarm can be raised. This alerts the driver and the passengers to any trouble that women faces in the bus.

The BMTC officials said that, “We have conducted meetings in 40 depots across Bangalore and also organised “General Sensitization” campaign creating awareness about women safety to the BMTC workers.” They also added that the alarms are installed only in five buses to how womwn repond to it and then more alarms will be installed accordingly.

Asking about the women safety alarm, being introduced in the BMTC buses, Shilpa Prabu, working at Carmatec Solutions, said, “I travel by bus everyday to Koramangala and I had no idea that the alarm system was introduced for the safety of women. But this is a good initiative and more women should be aware about this.” She also added that, more awareness about this should be made as it will really be helpful for women.

This safety alarm was introduced by a non-governmental organisation “Durga”. This alarm was introduced on February 7, at Yelahanka Satellite bus stand.

– Rhea Muthamma, II MS COM

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