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BBMP criticised on pot hole menace

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Bengaluru: The city is yet again facing a problem with pot holes. This time the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has been criticised by the residents of Lavelle Road for the numerous pot holes in the street.

The BBMP had promised to repair all the pot holes by filling them up with good quality concrete, two months ago, claims a group of working officials from Media IQ.

On contacting the BBMP officials responsible for Lavelle Road area, The Beacon was informed that the pot hole issue is addressed every time there is a complaint. “We fill pot holes around the city every fifteen days. We have never received any complaint from the residents of Lavelle Road,” said Sundaresh, Assistant Officer, Zoning Department, BBMP.

“Lavelle Road is one of the posh locations of Bangalore and the state of the roads has been very bad ever since the monsoon started. We have made several calls to the BBMP to fill the pot holes but this issue is always addressed very poorly,” said Tenzin Samdup, resident of Lavelle Road.

The BBPM refused to comment when asked about the continuing pole hole issue on Lavelle Road.

– Gayatri Tandon


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