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New AICUFers gear up for the upcoming activities of 2015-16

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The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) at St Joseph’s College welcomed its new members at an inauguration programme on Monday.

Jenophine Joseph, President of AICUF, explained the ideals of the Federation and also outlined the agenda for the academic year.

“The AICUF unit at St Joseph’s College has been awarded the Best AICUF Unit in Karnataka for the past three years. We need to give our best this year as well. This year, we have made smaller AICUF sub-groups that can work as a larger whole so that it is easy for us to coordinate and participate in more activities,” he said.

Rural camps, visits to slums and a Swacch SJC campaign are some of the new activities that have been planned for this year. Jenophine also added that this year, credits will be awarded only to students who take an active part in all the activities. An attendance chart has also been introduced to ensure that students are accountable for the work assigned to them.

The students were shown a video that documented AICUF activities such as Blind Walk, rallies at Town Hall, Magis 2014 and Ignatian Week.

Dr Isaac, a long-time member of AICUF, addressed the gathering to share his experience with the forum over the years to the new members.

– Swati Shalini,



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