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Now, pay for TenderSURE Roads

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BENGALURU: After repeated reports by daily commuters regarding the lack of parking space on St Marks Road and Vittal Mallya Road, the BBMP has decided to introduce paid parking on Tender SURE (Specifications for Urban Roads Execution) Roads.

“Every morning I have to struggle to find a parking spot on St Marks Road, despite taking multiple rounds of the area. As vehicles are parked from morning to evening by office-goers, the free parking space is never vacant for people who have to run small errands,” said Sharon Sarah, a freelancer.

The designated parking space on St Marks Road and Vittal Mallya Road will no longer be available for free parking . “We have been receiving many complaints from people who come for a short span of time. We will soon be initiating pay and park service on these Roads,” said Subhas Verma, Traffic Engineer, BBMP.

There are ten and seven parking lots on St Marks Road and Vittal Malya Road respectively. These slots will be divided to make space for four wheelers and two wheelers separately to avoid traffic congestion. The BBMP officials are also in talks with the local police to set up automated parking systems in the areas.

TenderSURE is a venture that aims to provide pedestrian friendly roads and easy traffic on roads that experience heavy traffic. Richmond Road, Museum Road, Cunnigham Road, KH Road, St Marks Road and Vittal Mallya Road are some of the areas that this project covers.

– Gayatri Tandon



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