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Caste not confidential anymore

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BENGALURU:  Your caste will not be treated as classified information anymore. The Karnataka states government will soon be displaying all the information related to caste, creed and sect on its official website for public viewing.

The census was completed two months ago by the Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes but the final report is yet to be submitted to the state government. These reports will be available online for the public.

“The census was conducted to see if the person is eligible for any kind of reservation, government scheme, etc. Making his information available in the public domain will increase transparency and reduce the misuse of services that are given to the people,” said Sandesh Dwarkanath, Official, Government of Karnataka.

Since the census was not mandatory, many residents chose to opt out of the survey as they did not wish to disclose their caste. “I don’t think I want to disclose my caste on the State website. Many crimes take place in the name of caste and religion, I don’t want to be a part of it. It does not help us in any way,” said Sonali Daru, resident of Raheja Residency.

When the enumerators inquired about Aadhaar card and PAN cards during the census, they realised that many records related to caste were incorrect and did not correspond to the entries on the official website.

– Gayatri Tandon



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