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Dr Ashok discusses Emotional intelligence and Gen Y

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“Emotions should be like a droplet on a leaf. Once they are separate, they don’t matter to each other,” said Dr H S Ashok, Chairperson, Department of Psychology, Bangalore University, during a talk on ‘Emotional intelligence’. The lecture was held by the Department of Psychology and Sumana, Psychology association on Friday. Dr Ashok started the session by talking about the evolution of emotional intelligence. He focused on the difference between brilliance and intelligence. The speaker spoke about the present generation, the ‘‘Gen Y Students’. He pointed out the characteristics of these Gen Y students as having less interpersonal skills, high expectations about oneself, low sensitivity but also having more computer skills, multitasking skills and also being comfortable about challenging others. Dr Ashok also said that the Gen Y students are egoistic in nature which is what leads to depression and suicidal tendencies.

– Krishna Dileep



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