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Council members take charge officially

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The newly elected Student Council members took the solemn oath of office on Friday in the College auditorium.

Fr Clarence D’Souza, officiating Principal, administered the oath to the Council members.

Class representatives, academic representatives, cultural and sports representatives along with Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) members also took the oath.

On this occasion Fr Clarence formerly launched the new College App designed by students Sailesh and Karan (EMS) and Medo (BCA).

The students worked on the App for two months. The App will provide relevant information on all events and programmes happening in the College. The class time tables will be available on it. Students can communicate with the faculty members through the App. They can also share files through this App. They are currently working to make it available on iOS version.

Prof. Kiran Jeevan, MSW Coordinator said, “The main idea behind this App is to explore hidden talents, to create a culture of independence and to provide software to connect the students with the campus.”

Dr Berin Lukas, Student Council Governor and Mr E.M Nagrajan, staff coordinator Student Council, were present for the ceremony.

The event began with the college anthem and a prayer song by the College Choir. The College elections were held on July 2.

-Aiman. II MS COMM


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