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Josephites launch College App

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The popularity of apps is increasing rapidly due to the growth of technology. This has also become one of the necessity in terms of getting information faster. Understanding the needs students of St Joseph’s College have developed a College App.

The St Joseph’s App is available for the students where the users can find information on their mobile devices regarding the activities, fests and achievements of College.  It also includes the email address of the faculty members to provide easy access and time table for UG students.

To show a different approach in its app, it is not just developed to engage students with events or activities but also to provide an open platform and to create a culture of independency.

The three students Wekhrozo Medo III BCA, Karan II EMS and Sailesh II EMS developed an App within the span of 60 days. To improve its access they are working on getting it to iOS devices and windows.

Speaking to The Beacon, Sailesh, II EMS said, “The main idea of coming up with the App is to help students be up to date with the College activities. We believe that the App will help students in getting information and share it among their friends. We now have a base of experience this will also help us in future developments for other devices.”

-Vidhya G, II MS com


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