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PG accomodations ignore rule on CCTV

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BENGALURU: Over a year after the police mandated all paying guests (PG) accommodations in the city to install CCTV cameras, many tenants, especially women, still complain the measures taken by their hosts were inadequate.

A PG in Shanthinagar has installed cameras but they aren’t functioning. Rhea Muthamma, a resident of the PG said, “A man had once entered the premises, whom none could identify. CCTV cameras were installed last year, but these cameras weren’t in working condition.”

When contacted by The Beacon the PG owner denied that the cameras in her building were dysfunctional. She said they got the CCTV cameras fixed after it was made compulsory by the authorities.

Speaking to The Beacon, Mr Shashidar, inspector of Basvangudi police station said, “I have personally inspected over 500 PGs and all of them have abided with the guidelines of the law. I have also given the contact numbers of the police personnel in case the CCTVs do not function correctly.”

He further stated, “The guidelines are that at all times there must be a security guard at the gate and CCTVs should be installed both inside and outside the PG campus and also easy access to a medical store for PG residents. Failure to abide to any of these guidelines would lead to a warning to the owners and would later be handled by higher authorities if violated repeatedly. We are making efforts to identify and penalize PGs who were flouting the rules.”

The residents of those PGs which had CCTV cameras paint a different picture. They said they felt safer after their accommodations installed the cameras last year. “We used to have people following us before. Now it is a lot better. We feel safe,” said Sancia Marium, a resident of a PG in Indiranagar.

PG accommodations across the city cater to students and working professionals who come to the city from across the country. These places used to operate without any regulations till last year, when the police made their registration and installation of CCTV cameras in their premises mandatory after a resident of a PG in Electronic City was raped.

– Amera Sailani, II MS Com


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