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Orange Day to end violence against women

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United Nations Secretary- General’s UNITE campaign has announced 25th of every month as ‘Orange Day’ to end violence against Women.

The theme of the campaign for the month of July is ‘Orange our Future; engaging youth to prevent and end violence against women and girls’. The main motive of the campaign is to work towards a world free from violence against women and girls.

The campaign calls on all the governments, women organisations, and civil society to take part and bring about change in the status of women. This campaign will be actively engaging  men, young people and private sector in UNITE.

The Student Council of St Joseph’s College has planned the campaign for students by initiating them to take part in it. Participants are expected to share a video of themselves, their friends or their organisation to tell why the world should be free of violence against women and girls.

The video should be 30-seconds long, keeping the theme in mind. Students willing to participate can confirm their participation with any of the Student Council members.

Sailesh, General Secretary of the Student council said, “This is an opportunity for the students to make sure their voices are heard this Orange Day. Students can also take part and learn about how they can bring in some change to prevent violence against women and girls.”

– Vidhya G, II MScom


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