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SJC top user of Inflibnet library

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BENGALURU: At a time when journals and research articles are becoming expensive and students are accused of losing interest in reading. St Joseph’s College has emerged as the top user of Inflibnet library, among over 4000 institutes under the University Grants Commission’s (UCG) according to the UGC’s website. Inflibnet library is an online academic resource.

Inflibnet is a part of the National Library and Information Services for Scholarly Content (N-LIST), a portal where students can access a variety of books and journal articles from different publishers to help them with their academic work. Institutes can register their students for this service.

Currently, 4,702 colleges have registered for Inflibnet, of which 3,082 are aided and 1,175 are non-aided.

Speaking to The Beacon, Jagdish Arora, Director of Inflibnet Centre said, “This is to encourage the students to use the material in their research work. It can be accessed by students after registering in Inflibnet where a login identity and password are given to them with the help of which they can download any number of research articles they would need. Colleges can subscribe to N-LIST anytime.”

He further added that there would be a membership fee for the colleges to subscribe to Inflibnet.

Speaking about the usefulness to students, S.A. Sailani, Librarian, St Joseph’s College, said, “It is an excellent opportunity to access the E-resources that are available on the N-LIST. These E-Jornals and E-books are available at the convenience of the students.”

“It was really helpful for me in my research work in accessing the research papers through Inflibnet,” Raichel, student of II MSW said.

Students can access Inflibnet using, where there are thousands of E-journals and E-books are available. These E-journals and E-books cater to all the branches of studies.

“This is a very good database for students to complete their research work. They can download any number of research articles and journals for free. We would want all our students to register themselves, and make use this valuable information,” Mr Shivakumar T C, Librarian said.

– Amera Sailani, II MS Com


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