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Astronomy Club of SJC engages students in star gazing

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CAMPUS: Nakshatra, the Astronomy Club of St Joseph’s College held its inaugural meeting on July 17, to discuss the activities planned for the new academic year. The association comprises of students from all departments who are astrophysics enthusiasts.

The meeting began with the president of the association, Manjunath S.M asking the members their expectations from the group and how to make it more interactive. They also decided to scan the night sky.

Speaking to The Beacon about the association, Manjunath said, “The group is mainly meant for astro-enthusiasts. Since the College already has an advanced telescope it is a great opportunity for us to make use of it and learn.”

Talking about the difficulties they could encounter with cloudy-skies, he added, “Bangalore has a very unpredictable sky. Still, it is good to spot star clusters, constellations and Orion Nebula. We have planned to conduct a lot of lectures, workshops and discussions so that the members get to learn theory part of Astrophysics too.”

The meeting also decided to have its first workshop next week by Amar Sharma on the basics of Amateur Astronomy.




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