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NSS fundraiser garners support

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CAMPUS: The National Social Service (NSS) conducted  a carnival which saw over 300 students help raise funds for an orphanage or old age home, in the Undergraduate Quadrangle on Friday.

The money collected from the carnival will be  given to an old age home or orphanage on August 15. The carnival is comprised of food, games, song dedication, art and crafts stalls and a chart stand.


Speaking about the fundraiser, Baldev Satish, President of the NSS said, “The fundraiser event organised by the NSS will donate the proceeds to an old age home or an orphanage. This happens every year and we will visit the home or orphanage after the August 15th Independence Day celebrations in the College.”

Speaking on how the finances will be regulated, Goutham Yadhav, Treasurer of the NSS said, “They money collected from food that is brought to the College and other activities conducted by the NSS will be channeled to the orphanage and we will continue to support them materially and immaterially.”

Steven De Nazareth
II MS Communication


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