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Workbench Projects trains innovators with industry experts

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BENGALURU: At a workshop conducted by the Workbench Projects, innovators were given a chance to work with industry experts on Thursday. The workshop focused on how to identify the need for both user insight and technical problems and incorporate new features through systematic ideation. The workshop also included instilling external knowledge to achieve the goals of design and evaluating ideas and integrating concepts into a prototype system.

Workbench Projects spearheaded the ‘Design India’ campaign, wherein entrepreneurs, marketing managers and businessmen could pitch their ideas and work with state-of-the-art tools with facilitators who would give them hands-on training. The training which was aimed at Young-Turks and experienced professionals to showcase their works, furthers their ideas with the products that they have developed and get constructive criticism on how to improve upon their product by experienced professionals. The most promising innovators are then shown how to make their products get accepted and given insights by Design Leaders, Research and Development Specialists and Innovation Leaders.

Speaking to The Beacon, Pavan Kumar, Founder and Director, Workbench Projects said, “We need to channel the energy and dynamism of our innovators with leaders in R&D and innovation, who would like to put them on the right path to creating products that we would truly love.”

Speaking on why he had participated in this workshop, Jonathan Smith, Event Manager said, “I never had a platform to showcase my works and this workshop gives me the unique opportunity to do that and be trained by people well known in the industry.”

Steven De Nazareth
II MS Communication


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