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Competition intensifies at Hack India 2015

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BENGALURU: At the Hack India 2015, one of the largest hackathons in the country, makers, designers, hackers, creators, and doers came together from across the country to showcase their apps at PESIT University on Sunday.

The aim of the programme was to enable hackers to work together that is conducive to all. All the coding of the app is started only during the duration of the programme. Participants are allowed only to brainstorm with other team members before the event. Each group consists of four members where they divide the coding, design and architecture among themselves and work together to create a one-of-a-kind app that would suffice the needs of different individuals.

This year, Hack India is partnering with Pebble, Fracktal Works, CreatorBot and Robocraze to allow competitors to use hardware such as CNC Routers and 3D Printers. Some of the apps that were created were knowledge and games apps created on platforms such as native, web and hybrid apps. The hackathon provides a platform for  graphic designers, interface designers and project managers and hackers collaborate intensively on software  and hardware projects.

Speaking to The Beacon, Kanishk Vashisht, co-founders of HackIndia said, “We are creating a unique opportunity for hackers across the country to showcase their talents and create exemplary products that can be game changing and get trained by the best in the business.”

On his experience as a hacker at Hack India 2015, Ronak Shetty, a software engineer at Capgemini said “I have been a part of Hack India for the past three years and have learnt so much ever since I showcased my project in 2013. This year, we hope to be among the finalists as we have a strong competition.”

Steven De Nazareth
II MS Communication


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