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Students to make over ten lakh recycled paper bags

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School and college students in Bangalore will take part in the annual Newspaper Bag Project on July 24, which hopes to make over ten lakh paper bags out of recycled newspapers. The purpose of the campaign is to collect old papers and train students to recycle them into useful goods that can help reduce the use of plastics.

Arun Chikkamarappa, one of the lead volunteers of the campaign in Bangalore, said, “Over 25 schools in Bangalore have signed up for the event. We have asked the students to bring old newspapers which they can use to make paper bags.”

He added,“We hope to set a record in India for the most number of newspaper bags made in a day.”

The organiser’s website states that six other Indian cities, namely Mangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Meghalaya, Bhubhaneshwar and Kolkata, besides Nairobi and Kathmandu, had confirmed their participation in the upcoming event.

The campaign will be organised by Inspiration Unlimited (iU), a Bangalore-based training company, in association with World Merit India. Those who wish to volunteer can sign up via the campaign page on the iU website,, or call 8971531628 for more details.

– Akanksha Ohri, II MS Com


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