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Workshop creates framework on legal know-how

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BENGALURU: The TiE workshop encompasses the legal framework that start-ups encounter with licence agreements and e-commerce transactions. The workshop organised on Monday, provided entrepreneurs with knowledge on framing laws that shape the structure of their e-commerce websites and commercial transactions.

The main objective of the workshop was to train entrepreneurs in understanding the basic provisions of the Terms of Use of websites and the legal obligations under provisions of Indian Law and privacy policies. Additionally, the conditions for payment gateways and usage of social media platforms were discussed.

On what start-ups should do to ensure that their businesses are protected, Amrut Joshi, Founder of GameChanger Law Advisors said, “Start-ups should understand the importance of creating firm laws that lay down the framework for companies to position themselves competitively in the e-commerce domain. These laws when implemented are the fundamental instruments that can create a sustainable business.”

The session included entrepreneurs from leading e-commerce companies across the city. Some of the companies that attended the workshops were website shopping portals, online payment gateway companies, supply chain management and online processing firms, inventory management and data collection companies.

Speaking about his experience on the training workshop, Mohammed C, product design manager at MakersCart said, “The workshop helped me understand the legal framework behind the functioning of an e-commerce portal. After the workshop, Amrut helped us individually by giving us a broad framework in creating laws that were helpful in the execution of our business.”

Steven De Nazareth
II MS Communication


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